Welcome to Myths Legends & Heroes, an Ottawa based comic book store that has served the Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal comic book markets for over 25 years. Our specialty is primarily Modern comic book back issues and Silver Age comics, but you can see products ranging from toys, gaming, and comic book original artwork at our store and at many of our local convention appearances. Check out the site and browse our full inventory online, we hope we can help fill gaps on those want lists! Enjoy!


Monday : 12:00-6:00                   Thursday : 11:00-7:00

Tuesday : 12:00-6:00                         Friday : 11:00-7:00

Wednesday : 12:00-7:00                   Saturday : 12:00-5:00

Sunday :  CLOSED

Please note that the store will be closed on some days due to our convention schedule. 

Check the upcoming show appearances link for more details!

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